Materials for lessons


Timeline activities

Remember  the date

Students are divided into two groups,  group A gets the dates, group B  gets the descriptions of the events. Students from groups A and B try to find corresponding dates and descriptions of  the events. Students in pairs read out when and what events happened.


Each student gets a cut out sentence from the timeline. Then everybody reads  their sentences aloud and tries to stand in  the right place in a line according to the events of the timeline. Students discuss with each other their place, the teacher helps if necessary. When  all the students find their place, they read aloud their sentences once more, this time according to the right sequence of the events on the timeline.

Recognize the illustrations

Put the illustrations in a chronological order according to the timeline events.

Activity on historical background of totalitarianism in Lithuania

After reading the research on historical background of totalitarionism in Lithuania students make a chart of the main events in chronological order. Later students give a deeper  insight and  description   of each  event.

Activities on Interviews

Work in groups

Students are divided into groups (number of the groups depends on the number of the interviews). After  watching their interviews students get ready for the presentations of what they have seen.

In their presentations students answer the questions:

  • how deportation started,
  • travelling to the destination of the deportation,
  • living conditions and food issues in deportation,
  • work and work conditions in deportation,
  • coming back to Lithuania.


A discussion after watching interviews:

  • how deportees managed to keep alive their national feelings and love for their homeland?
  • why Lithuanian youth  go on expeditions to the locations of deportations ?