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Esam saņēmuši pozitīvu vērtējumu no starptautiskās izglītības ekspertes profesores Susannas Gonkalves no Kombras Universitātes (Portugāle), kura kā īpaši nozīmīgus aspektus izcēla aktīvu skolēnu līdzdarbošanos ne tikai projektā, bet arī konferencē, veiksmīgo sadarbību partneru starpā un informācijas komunikācijas tehnoloģiju piesaisti visos projekta posmos – pētījumu veikšanā, metodisko materiālu izstrādē un izplatīšanā.

Eksperta slēdziena saturs pieejams oriģinālvalodā

Susana Gonçalves, Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, PT

This paragraph accounts for my impressions and considerations regarding the international conference organized for dissemination of Remembrance a European Union – funded Erasmus + project coordinated by the Jurmala State Gymnasium coordinated. The conference run on the 2nd June 2017 at the Jurmala hotel “Lielupe”.

I participated in the conference as an invited external observer and there I had the opportunity to learn about the achievements of the 3 year project, as it was presented by both the coordinator and members involved. Theoretical background, rationale and justification of the projects, the strategies followed and the main goals and endeavours where clarified and discussed through three presentations by social sciences researchers (one historian and two psychologist).

The project focused a very relevant topic, remembrance of totalitarian regimes in Europe, and it deals also with aspects such as state percussion, censorship, absence of freedom, occupation and ethnocide. In times when there is a danger of forgetting history, thus, nothing learned from it – the theme is of utmost interest and worth teaching to the young generations

Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish and Belgium schools participated, including teachers and students in a very complete programme of activities, lessons, study visits, art expression, community infusion, intergenerational learning activities, expert interviews, film, documental research, and international cooperation.

Including ICT and running a Facebook page was a very important aspect of the project, as its target group are youngsters who are acquainted to the internet and new technologies o these re resources and teaching mediums of great use.

I got a strong impression of diversity in resources and strategies, innovation in methods and contents and a feeling of worthiness, this impression comes from things I observed, the videos shown and the talks I had with the project partners, along with the summary description of the project, the plenary sessions offered during the conference and the students participation on stage with play and drama.

In sum, I am glad that I participated in this conference, I am happy that the project was arriving to the end full of success, namely in terms of students learning and motivation.