General timeline in Graphic

About timeline development

12th graders form Jūrmala State gymnasium have produced digital educational computer program “Throwback”, which contains various materials about history of Latvia from year 1918 to nowadays.

This program is made for school students, who are interested in the history of Latvia. Authors have chosen to make information as concrete as possible and to include lots of photos and videos.

We suggest to think about every historical event with contemporary look, because the past can teach us lessons as well as be a great help to understand processes of society and politics nowadays.

User manual

System requirements:

RAM – 2GB,
OS: Windows 7++ and latest Microsoft version “.NET” Framework.

How to use:

1st step

When the program is opened 2 language options appear – Latvian and English.

2nd step

When the user has chosen the prefered laguage, a time line shows up on the screen, with 5 time stages in diferent collors. Each collor represents an era of time in Latvian history. Green collour – time as free state, red collor stands for communist ocupation and brown – german ocupation.

3rd step

When the user has clicked on one of the time periods, appears a more advanced time line. When the cursor is dragged on a date, without clicking, appears a short description about the concrete time. And once again these dates are sorted into colours. Dark grey and light grey. If the user clicks on the dark grey colour, a more detailed information shows up abot the date.

4th step

To watch the video user have to click on it and press play – then you can stop it or pause it.