Questionnaire 1

1. What do you know about your parents and grandparents during the occupation of the Nazis/ during the liberation by the Allies (Polish, American or Canadian troups)
2. Can you tell us an anecdote about your first war experience ?
3. What was the motivation of your parents to become member of the resistance?
4. What was your dream as a child?
5. What was a real challenge at that time?
6. Can you describe a day in the life of a war child?
7. What were your leisures in that time?
8. Could you celebrate Christmas, Easter,…?

9. Which kind of sport did you like?
10. Can you describe your cultural life?
11. Freedom of speech. What does it mean for you?

12. What were your holiday destination in that time?
13. What were the school trips in that time?
14. Do you remember some school ceremonies?
15. What did you miss?
16. Can you tell an anecdote about the limitations during your teacher career?
17. Which kind of difficulties did you experience?
18. Which kind of opportunities did you have?
19. Did you receive some awards during your school time or afterwards?

20. Do you remember some ‘troubles’ during the war and the occupation?
21. Were you afraid ? Can you tell more about it?
22. What did you learn about war afterwards?
23. What can you tell about the repression?
24. Was it difficult to express yourself as a Flemish citizen?
25. Which object do you link with that period?
26. How did you resist in that time?27. Do you remember other examples of resistance (in schools, towns) ?
28. Can you tell us a joke of that time?

29. Do/Did you have dreams/ nightmares about that period?