Students/Teachers’ Study Mobility 2

Students/Teachers’ Study Mobility 2

March 6-11,2016 | Birstono Gymnasium, Lithuania

Students and teachers – about 50 people were involved in the is mobility. First  the tour round gymnasium, then participants saw the exhibition „ Behind the Ural Mountains” about the deportations from Lithuania. In the evening there was an interesting activity for all participants: the team of each partner country made presentations about the work done for the project and the quiz was made about each country. On the 2nd day visit to Kaunas (that was the former capital of Lithuania between the two World Wars). Meeting with the photographer  and investigator of the Jewish history Richard Sheffield was very interesting. Project participants learned about the fate of the Lithuanian Jews, called Lipac, about ghettos and Holocaust. Next day – visit to Vilnius – the museum of KGB, then visit of the Parliament of Lithuania. The real lesson of history was visiting the fortress ‘ IX fort’ close to Kaunas. This place is as the synonym for Holocaust.

During this common period each team worked on the poster about the totalitarianism regime in Lithuania. Students were involved in the game „ The object tells…” under the guidance of the Belgian partner Hugo Verkest. Project participants saw the play by the students of Birstono Gymnasium drama group. March 11- the Day of Independece Restoration in Lithuania was the Holiday for all project partners.

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