Students/Teachers’ Study Mobility 1

Students/Teachers’ Study Mobility 1

Spring 2015 | Belgium

JSG teachers Andžela Šustiņa and Sintija Vilerte with a group of JSG students visited Belgium where JSG students worked together with their peers from Poland and Lithuania.

The youngsters acquired new impressions about the different culture environment, visited significant historical objects, got to know the national history programme of Belgium. The project participants visited the European Parliament, Peace Institute, Flanders Parliament in Belgium, memorial places and museums dedicated to the World War I and the regime of totalitarianism.In the city Iper the attended the event where the victims of the Wold War I were remembered and honoured.

Marta Muižniece, student of Class 12, JSG

‘It is very necessary not to forget the history, it serves lika a magnifier to see the present and the future as the next societies have to be aware of historical events and never let repeat the mistakes made in the history’.