Activities during the project


International conference of Erasmus+ project – Intellectual Outputs O1 | SemaraH Hotel Lielupe SPA, Latvia

On 2 June 2017, the final international conference organised by Jūrmalas Valsts ģimnāzija in the framework of the Erasmus+ project “Remembrance – Totalitarianism in Europe and Historical Consciousness in a European Context – Improving Student Learning Motivation in History Through ICT” took place in SemaraH Hotel Spa Lielupe.


Students/Teachers’ Study Mobility 3 | Jūrmala State gymnasium JSG, Latvia

39 students and teachers from all partner countries, history teachers, teachers of culturology and IT , students of 11-12 classes of JSG took part in this mobility.


Students participation in the Communist Genocide Victims Memorial Day

March 25 in Latvia is the day of mourning when people remember deportations to Siberia and many other very distant places of the Soviet Union.


6th Transnational meeting | Jūrmala State gymnasium JSG, Latvia


5th Transnational meeting | Birstono Gymnasium, Lithuania

All leaders and coordinators involved in the project took part in the meeting to discuss the intellectual results of the project and to organize the conference in Latvia, Jūrmala, June 2.


A look back at the progress of the project ERASMUS

There was the presentation of the project in the Assembly Hall of JSG. Students told about their experience while working on the project.


Students/Teachers’ Study Mobility 2 | Birstono Gymnasium, Lithuania

Students and teachers – about 50 people were involved in the is mobility. First  the tour round gymnasium, then participants saw the exhibition „ Behind the Ural Mountains” about the deportations from Lithuania.


4th Transnational meeting | Birstono Gymnasium, Lithuania

Project coordinators in Lithuania Birute Sinkeviciene and Rute Valikiene. Coordinators discussed the work done, talked about the gained experience.


3rd Transnational meeting | Olsztyn Gymnasium, Poland

Participants from all 4 countries interchanged with the work done, planned the further way of the project in 2016.


Students/Teachers’ Study Mobility 1 | Belgium

JSG teachers Andžela Šustiņa and Sintija Vilerte with a group of JSG students visited Belgium where JSG students worked together with their peers from Poland and Lithuania.


2nd Transnational meeting | VIVES University College, Belgium

Particpated: coordinators from Lithuania, Poland,Belgium, from JSG director Sandra Rone and coordinator Kristīne Kvēle-Kvāle.

Autumn 2014

1st Transnational meeting took place | Jūrmala State gymnasium JSG, Latvia

The coordinators decided about the project’ s progress, goals and tasks during the 3 years period. It was decided to work on the memory stories – interviews with the people who experienced deportations, repressions during the war and post-war time.


ERASMUS + project „ Remembrance – totalitarianism in Europe and historical consciousness in European context”

September 2014 – Jūrmala State gymnasium started the implementation of the project „Remembrance – totalitarianism in Europe and historical consciousness in European context” approved by the State education development agency (Contract No. 2014-1-LV201-KA201-000435). The project lasts for 3 years – up to August 31, 2017.